What's the best receiver for old (vintage) Polks?? Front, Polk model 7 surrounds, and center Polk model 4's Thanks. There is no "best" per say, as everyones ears and listening environments differ. Aside from the ones already mentioned above, if receivers are your thing, B&K receivers are also very musical.

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No Paypal? Send checks or money orders (with member name) to: AudioKarma LLC, 29488 Woodward Ave., Suite 160, Royal Oak, MI 48073. Receivers vs. Separates - 2.22%. Vintage vs. Modern - 26.67%.Dec 16, 2015 · I’ m in love with my Sansui 9090 receiver.It’s big and it is beautiful. And so is the sound. Oh that sweet sound! Get a vintage receiver too: It’ll fit right in with your Hipster Hay ... OK, so what are the top ten most powerful vintage receivers of all time? 1. Technics SA-1000 – 330 WPC 2. Marantz 2600 – 300 WPC 3. Sansui G-33000 – 300 WPC 4. Pioneer SX-1980 – 270 WPC 5. Marantz 2500 – 250 WPC 6. Sansui G-22000 – 220 WPC 7. Sansui G-9700 – 200 WPC 8. Kenwood KR-9050 – 200 WPC 9. Hitachi SR-2004 – 200 WPC 10. Keep a lookout for the 70's Kenwood receivers as you'll probably get more bang for your buck on the second-hand market compared to the likes of Sansui and Pioneer. Kenwood receivers sound excellent... also,they'll have strong sensitive tuner sections too! Daunia 70, Nov 11, 2014. #17. My two best audio forums, this one and AudioKarma. I'm both a fan/collector of vintage audio gear and a DIY guy with an electronics background out of Perhaps this is the more appropriate forum for my issue. Last year I bought an LXI Receiver (sold by Sears but all Sanyo boards) RE-1085 for $5.

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But yes some old vintage stereo receivers weigh 80 pounds, and some newer 11.2-channel receivers weigh 30 pounds, some 9.1 ones weigh 20 pounds. Some mono blocks weigh 500 pounds. If you have $500,000/pair loudspeakers you won't go really far with a 30 pound receiver, maybe good for a piccolo? Pioneer AM/FM stereo receiver model SX-750. The SX-750 was introduced in 1976 and manufactured through 1977. As with other new SX series receivers introduced in 1976, it featured a silver analog AM/FM tuning dial. Find a great deal on high-end audio equipment or music for sale. Shop through receivers in the marketplace on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community.
Vintage and Retro Speakers make us nostalgic about a time when speakers were based on audio alone. The best retro speakers wrap agreeable to outstanding sonic output into a vintage-looking package. Boomy lows and crass treble were avoided.Dec 23, 2020 · The HiFi Engine library has images, specifications and reviews for thousands of audio components, along with free downloads of owners manuals, service manuals, schematics and product catalogues for amplifiers, pre-amps, power amps, tuners, tape decks, cd players etc.